An innovative approach to the customer and the highest quality service!

PURE CARE is one of the most modern companies in the industry of medical tourism. We have two objectives set ahead: the transparency and the highest level of the provided service. The customer satisfaction is our priority. Since we cooperate only with the best, our offer includes merely well verified private medical centres. Our partners have been chosen as a result of a long-term selection based on the strict criteria and the international safety standards.





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Extensive customer service

Using our services you are staying embraced with a special protective umbrella. We provide safety and comfort. We are trustworthy!

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We remove the inconvenience and provide care

Concerned about the customer comfort we have reduced unnecessary formal paperwork and brokers. We ensure the transparency of procedures and take care of your sense of security during the stay.

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Medical Tourism with PURE CARE is a pleasure

Qualified specialists working for PURE CARE will help you organise the trip and the stay. You will receive all the information and help you need.

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We protect the interests of the client

We act for our customer and on his/her behalf pursuant to the specially constructed agreement for which the force of law is valid throughout entire Europe.



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GOLDEN PREMIUM service sector

24-hour care of the trained concierge is aimed at the realisation of all your dreams. We are at your disposal around the clock.

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High quality and good price

We offer a full package of medical services available at the best clinics being valued with a high prestige worldwide. Cooperation with PURE CARE is above all a frugality.

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Unique package of additional services

Meeting the needs of our customers, we have prepared the possibility of taking advantage of the services of a personal driver, bodyguard, guide and others. Discover the attractions we offer.

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A unique offer for sportsmen and exceptional beautifying treatments

Wide range of medical services (aesthetic medicine, general surgery, orthopaedics, ophthalmology, dentistry and others) is here expanded with exclusive beautifying treatments, relaxation and packages dedicated to corporate customers and athletes.